Emergency Services - Water Damage Restoration Toronto
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Emergency Services

Emergency Services in Toronto provided by Water Damage Restoration Toronto.

Water Damage Restoration Toronto Contracting is a local Toronto Emergency Service company that has been in business offering a variety of Emergency Services in the Toronto area for years. We want you to know that when an emergency strikes, we are here for you no matter the time or situation. We have 24 hour assistance for emergency services in Toronto. Emergency services need special attention because emergencies come in many shapes and sizes, but we want you to know that there is no job too big or small for us. Whether you have a burst pipe in your basement that is causing flooding or a fire burned through your kitchen and has left a gaping hole in the side of your house we are more than willing to help you. Here is a list of many of the area Toronto emergency services that we offer:


Toronto Mould Removal/ Toronto Asbestos Removal

Mould, as well as asbestos can be very harmful to your health. Our company can safely remove any asbestos or mould in your Toronto home at an affordable rate. Click Here For More Info!


Toronto Flood Recover / Water Damage Restoration

If you are the victim of flood or water damage in Toronto, we have all the necessary equipment and knowledge to help you recover quickly. Click Here For More Info!


Toronto Fire Restoration

Fire damage in your Toronto home or business is a scary situation. Water Damage Restoration Toronto has the professionals that know exactly what to do to help you and your family recover from a terrible fire.
Click Here For More Info!


Odor Services

BioSweep is our choice for interior air & surface decontamination. Realty & Property management specialists in Canada trust us when the day arrives that they face malicious odor, mould, fungai, voc, bacteria or viruses – we are ready to respond!


Carpet Management Toronto

There are a million different disasters that can happen to your carpet from kids with muddy feet to a party guest dropping a glass of wine in the middle of your living room. No matter your carpet disaster, Water Damage Restoration Toronto Contracting in Toronto can help. Click Here For More Info!


Bed Bugs Toronto / Animal Control

If you need Pest Control in your Toronto home or business our company has dealt with racoons that were killing peoples ducks and chickens to horrible infestations of bed bugs. Pests are not a problem after we show up. Click Here For More Info!


Hazard Restoration Toronto

Water Damage Restoration Toronto has the equipment and personnel to take care of dangerous chemical spills or even a septic tank rupture. If you are in need of a hazard restoration in the Toronto area, contact us and let us take care of your problem.


Trauma Remediation Toronto

The scene of an accident or crime is never a pleasant place to be. Water Damage Restoration Toronto Contracting is certified and willing to help you do whatever is necessary to get your life back in order with our trauma remediation at your Toronto location.


Grow-op Remediation Toronto

On the rare and unfortunate occasion that you need to have a grow-op remediation on your Toronto property after it was used as a marijuana grow house or lab, we can help you remove the mould and any other potential problems found on the property.


Electrical Work Toronto/ Mechanical Work Toronto

Our team includes some of the most experienced electricians and mechanics in the area. If you are in need of electrical work in your Toronto home or mechanical work in your Toronto business we can help you.


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