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Company news

  • is committed to giving value to its customers. Our Media section will offer fresh articles with useful information on disaster prevention

  • We are routinely asked what to look for when trying to detect leaks in and around our clients’ homes. There are a number of places that can form leaks.

  • Altering your basement. If you have been thinking about trying to turn your basement into a beautiful, fun and usable living area for your home or you just want to turn it

  • Faulty Christmas lights can be the cause of deadly fires. Every holiday season homes and businesses all over North America light up with hundreds of billions of beautiful C

  • Heavy Rainfall Causes Flooding In Canada In July Of 2013 The flooding was extensive as heavy rains washed over areas surrounding the GTA in July of 2013. There were quite a

  • By: Ryan Lindsay September 16, 2013 © Bella Luma Films Bella Luma Films, CanWood Entertainment and the Pop69 Production team were joined by over 450 people in the festiviti

  • Whether you own, manage or simply ‘work in’ a business, most companies are interested in ideas to make their work environment more ‘green’ (i.e. environmentally friendly).

  • It used to be that you could pretty well predict where floods were likely to happen. Certain places were prone to it and other places were not. But in recent years the weat

  • Home fires are still a problem. One doesn’t really need statistics to know that. Just read the paper, watch the news or (better yet) just listen to the not-infrequent sound

  • Protecting Your Commercial Structure From Flood Damage The departure of a rough winter is good news for everybody but the danger isn’t over yet. Warming weather and melting

  • Businesses have a new problem to worry about. It’s the very fundamental issue of power. The idea that the lights wouldn’t come ‘on’ in a business could hardly have been ima

  • LED’s have been around for several years actually but they were actually more commonly found as components of toys. Then they began to work their way into electronic gadget

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